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1st semester: October - February.

2nd semester: March - June.

Registration for the 1st semester: July 1- August 31.

​Our courses are held in-person twice a week at our location.

The courses are for adult learners only and are limited to 12 people per group. 

Beginner Japanese
Pre-Intermediate Japanese
Private Classes

Tuesdays 7.00-8.15 pm and

Saturdays 9.00-10.15 am.

Thursdays 7.00-8.15 pm and

Saturdays 10.30-11.45 am.


1-year course consisting of 2 semesters for complete beginners that will allow you to build a strong foundation in Japanese language. 

This course is for students who are looking to continue their studies and is designed for those who have completed Japanese Year 1&2 course. Placement test is required to join this course.

​Customized program according to the students' objectives. Includes conversation classes, preparation to JLPT (N5-N3), reading comprehension, preparing to living in Japan. 

Individual lessons:

Students go through an evaluation and get a personalized program based on their current level and objectives.

Group lessons (2-4 students)

After taking a placement test, students are placed in a group of students of the same level. The program is designed to meet their objectives.

Levels of Progression

Based on twice a week class + homework

4 levels, 1 year each

Complete Beginner to Intermediate

1 / Beginners Course

Year 1 (2 semesters) = JLPT N5 Level of Proficiency

Allows you to learn Japanese from the start and will give you a strong foundation for further development of your language skills.

2 / Beginners Course

Year 2  (2 semesters) = JLPT N4 Level of Proficiency

Students continue learning Japanese in a more immersive environment. Students learn grammar in context and engage in speaking practice throughout the course.

3 / Pre-Intermediate Course

Year 1  (2 semesters) = JLPT N4 Level of Proficiency

This course is for students who have a strong base in Japanese and are looking to continue their studies.

4 / Pre-Intermediate Course

Year 2  (2 semesters) = JLPT N3 Level of Proficiency

Students learn more complex grammar that will allow them to bridge successfully to the intermediate level.

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