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Our school was founded in 2020 and provides students with tools to acquire proficiency in Japanese. The courses are designed for adult learners who aspire to go to Japan to study in university, work or visit. If you are thinking of travelling to Japan one day or simply interested in Japanese culture, join us on this exciting journey of learning Japanese and open the door to a complete new world. 

Your Teacher

Yulia Saeki is a Japanese Language Teacher and the founder of JLC Ottawa. Yulia has a Master's Degree in Oriental Philology: Japanese Language and Literature. As a recipient of the MEXT Scholarship from the Japanese government, she spent 4 years in Japan working on her research in Budo Studies and completed her Graduate Degree at the University of Tsukuba. Yulia holds N1 level of proficiency and has extensive experience teaching language to students of different levels. 


"I learnt Japanese as a student without any previous experience and therefore can relate to the difficulties students face when learning Japanese as a second language.  I will show you how to learn Japanese and get to the level that you want to be. I did it and you can do it too!"

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