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If you are visiting this page it means we have a common interest. Maybe Japan took hold of your heart or maybe you just want to challenge yourself and study a new language, - we are here to share this endless pursuit of learning with you and guide you on the path of discovering this unique country and culture.

Japanese Language Courses Ottawa

Our Courses

Beginners Course

Twice a week in person course designed for students with no previous experience in Japanese.

Pre-Intermediate Course

The course is designed for students who are continuing their studies and have a foundation in Japanese.

Private Classes

Personalized courses based on students' needs and objectives. Individual and small group lessons.

Why learn with us?

Effective teaching approach. Our teaching methodology is aimed for students to learn Japanese from a perspective of a second language acquisition and is result-oriented. Our systematic approach covers all aspects of Japanese language: reading and writing, speaking and listening, time is allocated to learning Japanese characters (kanji). ​

Small groups. Students study in small groups to ensure the best results. Students have an opportunity to actively participate in class, have a supervised speaking practice and get personalized corrections.

Textbooks. We use textbooks that are designed specifically for non-Japanese students who wish to integrate into life in Japan. 

Free consultation. We offer a one-on-one meeting prior to your commitment to discuss your objectives and establish your learning outcomes.

Our Students Say

I took Beginner Japanese Year 1 and 2 with the Japanese Language Courses Ottawa from September 2021 until November 2022 before moving to Sapporo to attend Hokkaido University as a research and Master’s student. With no previous Japanese language experience, Yulia sensei helped me build a strong foundation for my reading, writing and communication skills. These skills became extremely helpful the minute I arrived in Japan. 

The learning environment that Yulia sensei created in her classes was inclusive and made me feel comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes. She is patient and kind, and puts a lot of care into her classes to make sure everyone understands the lesson. I found that the low-ratio class format really optimized my learning and allowed me to apply the grammar structures in spoken conversations. The corrections I received on my intonation, pronunciation and formulated responses were pointed and accurate.


The textbooks that we use in sensei’s class are also used at Hokkaido University for Japanese language courses, so the transition from learning Japanese in Ottawa versus learning Japanese in Sapporo was smooth. As I am continuing down the path of my Japanese language learning in Hokkaido, I always look back at my first class with sensei and am forever thankful for the close friendships I made taking her classes and for the incredible opportunities this class provided me with. Thank you, sensei, for being such a big part of my Japanese learning. Your classes were the first stepping stones for my adventures in Japan!



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