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Registration for the fall semester is now open (July 1-31)! Follow the link below to register.


If you are visiting this page it means we have a common interest. Maybe Japan took hold of your heart or maybe you just want to challenge yourself and study a new language, – we are here to share this endless pursuit of learning with you and guide you on the path of discovering this unique country and culture.


Beginners Course

Twice a week in person course designed for students with no previous experience in Japanese.

Pre-Intermediate Course

The course is designed for students who are continuing their studies and have a foundation in Japanese.

Private Classes

Personalized courses based on students' needs and objectives. Individual and small group lessons.


Effective teaching approach. Our teaching methodology is aimed for students to learn Japanese from a perspective of a second language acquisition and is result-oriented. Our systematic approach covers all aspects of Japanese language: reading and writing, speaking and listening, time is allocated to learning Japanese characters (kanji). ​

Small groups. Students study in small groups to ensure the best results. Students have an opportunity to actively participate in class, have a supervised speaking practice and get personalized corrections.

Textbooks. We use textbooks that are designed specifically for non-Japanese students who wish to integrate into life in Japan. 

Free consultation. We offer a one-on-one meeting prior to your commitment to discuss your objectives and establish your learning outcomes.


In 2020, I enrolled in Yulia's Beginners Japanese Course to gear up for a new role at The University of Tokyo. The small class size and straightforward curriculum offered a practical and easy-going approach to learning Japanese. The experience proved invaluable upon my arrival in Japan, smoothing the way for everyday tasks like calling a taxi, ordering food, and navigating the local transportation system.


Yulia’s teaching method centered around an intuitive textbook, beginning with essential greetings and phonetic pronunciations. We delved into the basics, covering the Japanese alphabet, Kanji, and simple sentence structures. While memorizing the alphabet posed a challenge, Yulia's patience and encouragement were instrumental in overcoming this hurdle. Her personal experiences in Japan provided a unique touch to the lessons, particularly in practical skills like using maps, deciphering signs, and navigating menus.


What set the class apart was the shared journey with classmates who, like me, were starting to learn the language. The small class environment fostered a supportive atmosphere where mistakes were accepted, creating a comfortable space for learning. Collaboratively working through the textbook helped us stay committed to the curriculum, especially during challenging moments.


In the end, I would highly recommend Yulia’s class which offered a well-rounded and helpful Japanese learning experience, blending a straightforward curriculum, a small class size, and the instructor's own insights. It provided a solid foundation for navigating language and culture, making it a valuable chapter in my language-learning journey.

Kelvin Tsao


475 Cambridge Street South


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